WOTTEVA launches WotCareerPath.com

Posted: 09.14.2010

  We’re glad to announce the launch of WotCareerPath.com – the place where our customers can get help by aligning to mentors and coaches.

The Site is split to 3 main categories for user convenience:
Career Development – A place for you to learn about the Self Development options you have available to you.  
Coaching and Mentoring - Book yourself a coach that can help you discover the best parts about you.
Support and Learning - Discover the tools and strategies that you will need to create and develop the ultimate vocation. 
  • Create yourself a Profile - There are 3 types of online profiles that every jobseeker should have.  Ask your coach which one you need most.
  • CV Infographics – Discover how you can get you own CV Infographics done and catapult your job seeking endeavours.
Book your coach online at WotCareerPath.com


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