About Us

WOTTJOBS is all about developing your professional profile and search for jobs that inspire you.

We are a dedicated group of professionals that are committed to providing the best opportunities to those individuals that are seeking to align their purpose with companies that are aligned to their values and priorities.

We do not believe that anyone should be in a job that they hate or dont like working in.  The world has far too many opportunities to align to especially when you are the right person for the job.  If you need help finding our what your life purpose is and where you think you should be heading, visit our website wotcareerpath.com  Our coaches and mentors are on standby and are willing to provide you with all the information that you will require to live a life thats congruent with your values and priorities.

Join WOTTEVA to discover more about the cultural aspects of your environment and how you can develop yourself in ways that support your development and learning.  WOTTEVA provides you with a Cultural Life Profile (CLiP) that supports your online activity, boosts your rankings and helps you to expand your personal development.

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